How to Navigate the Guide

The guide is follows a step by step process from beginning to end. However, feel free to go directly to a particular step that you may help you at this point in time.

Step 1: Select the phase of the guide that you want to start with. There are 4 high level phases.

Step 2: Select the step that you want to explore. There are 14 steps.

Step 3: Select the information area that you want to explore. There are always 6 areas:

  • Why do it? (Provides context)
  • How to do it (Provides the process)
  • Tools and Templates (Downloadable templates to use)
  • Digital Examples (Provides practical use cases)
  • Participants (Who to involve in each step)
  • Digital Principles (Explains the applicability of the Digital Principles)

Tip: Be sure to scroll back to the bar indicating steps to follow the steps sequentially.